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After a few years in the banking industry, I enjoyed a 15+ year career in nonprofit fundraising, primarily for independent schools. These organizations ranged from small, religious schools to the largest college preparatory school in the continental US. Throughout this time, I met volumes of wonderful people and appreciated the chance to build their relationships with the institutions they loved. Many still remain friends to this day, and I am grateful for their faithful rapport. 



In the midst of my career and travels, I found myself drawn to art. Everyone has a different appreciation for artistic styles, and I had my favorites. Every so often, I would attempt to emulate some of the pieces that gave me pleasure. Though occasional in the past, I now enjoy the regular chance to paint entertaining subjects in watercolor, my preferred medium; and I have enjoyed the challenge of painting unique subjects for friends and clients on commission.



A double major in business administration and English gave me a deep appreciation for the value of well crafted words, no matter their function: descriptive prose, fiction, or persuasive requests. My years in nonprofit work gave me the chance to develop language that connected an institution with its supporters for deeper relationships and greater success. Today, I value the chance to write for many organizations with the same goals in mind.

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